Leo Messi gif by Alwin Jolliffe

Lional Messi record goal agains Valencia In this game Lional Messi scored his 643 th goal for the catalan footbal club FC Barcelona. By doing this Lional Messi broke the record first held by Brazilian soccer player Pele. Lional Messi…..

Get in my belly


Funny cat memes Hi Friends, I like to draw funny cat memes and doodles. I first started drawing funny cat doodles from photos on instagram. Later on I turned these illustrations of funny cats in to memes and cat comics……

Black friday sale animation


Rafael Nadal USopen2017

Venus Williams USopen 2017

Venus Williams US open 2017 This is an animation gif made in adobe after effects by dutch antiliaan designer Alwin Jolliffe. I was born in the Netherlands but raised on the Caribbean island of Curacao. I like to draw and…..

Roland Garros Tennis Animation

  The Roland Garros 2018 animation on the tennis field.


“Ik ben een Multimedia Designer uit Utrecht. Naast jarenlange ervaring in de Mobile applicatie en User Interface sector ben ik als Illustrator/ Animator (After Effects) actief geweest in diverse projecten en online campagnes binnen Nederland.”Meer info?