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Venus Williams USopen 2017

Venus Williams US open 2017 This is an animation gif made in adobe after effects by dutch antiliaan designer Alwin Jolliffe. I was born in the Netherlands but raised on the Caribbean island of Curacao. I like to draw and…..

Running sheep


Lodger Webshop (Redesign)



Wok to Go Business Cards


GITAARLES VLEUTEN EN UTRECHT Mijn gitaarlessen staan in het teken van spelplezier en het vinden van je stijl van gitaarspelen. Ik heb zelf les gehad van de beroemde Conservatorium Flamenco gitarist Rob van Asdonck in Utrecht. De gitaarlessen zijn deels…..

Jumpy Dog

Simple & Modern printable Posters


‘Out for a spin’

Sheep Going

Alwin Jolliffe | This is my miracle (on SBS 6)

Alwin Jolliffe | This is my story | Interview on SBS6 At 16-years old, I suffered from a severe blood poisoning. My whole life was turned upside down as I had to trade my soccer career for hospital visits and rehabilitation. As…..



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