Guitar Course


In this Guitar Course you will be introduced to the fundamentals to play different kind of music. This course will teach you the music theorie fundamentals that I have gathered in over 20+ years of playing guitar in various band formations in gospel all over the world. Having a strong fundament in music has proven to be a valuable asset in playing your favorite songs.

What Will You Learn?

  • Major/Minor scale
  • Pentatonic scale
  • Nashville Number System
  • Visualizing the fretboard
  • Major7 and minor chords
  • Arpeggios


Topics in this guitar course are: Guitar – Integrating the Nashville Number System in your playing – Lead guitar – Visualizing the fretboard – Major7 and minor chord voicing – Applying Major/Minor and Pentatonic scale – Arpeggio’s – Warm up exercise for guitar – playing with a metronome